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November 26, 2023


AJR Tech Solutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd is a thriving and dynamic tech company that has been making waves in the industry, owing to the significant strides it has taken through its popular website, In extremely exciting and heart-warming news, the company has made a remarkable announcement about a high-minded partnership that will undoubtedly inspire countless people and organizations. In a bid to give back to society and support underprivileged school children in rural areas, AJR Tech Solutions has entered into a partnership with REACT (Rajeswari Education Aid Charitable Trust), a well-known charitable organization.

The company has pledged itself to a philanthropic cause of dedicating 1% of every sale and renewal to the charity fund, which will be donated to REACT. The aim is to support the mission of REACT, a noble pursuit focused on providing educational materials, school supplies, and meals to underprivileged children. In taking this step, AJR Tech Solutions' commitment to using responsible business practices to promote social welfare and community development is evident.

Their noteworthy and thoughtful endeavor is sure to inspire other firms to develop their social responsibility programs to make a positive impact on society.