offers web hosting monthly payment options

December 20, 2023


At, We recognize that committing to a massive upfront cost for a yearly web hosting service can be daunting for most small businesses.

Hence, we offer an alternative with the monthly hosting package, which is more affordable and enables small business owners to plan their expenses around a flexible schedule.

By spreading their costs over time, small business owners can adjust their hosting needs quickly as their traffic and growth evolves. Additionally, this option is ideal for launching a new website or upgrading their hosting plan as it provides all the necessary resources at a budget that fits within their means.

We offer webhosting at really low prices :

Shared Hosting from 99 INR or $1.29

WordPress hosting from 249 INR or $2.99

Cloud hosting from 299 INR or $3.99

Our monthly payment option for web hosting is the perfect solution for any small business seeking a flexible and cost-effective way to manage their web hosting needs.


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